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Timbral Distortion and Time Bending

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Timbral Distortion and Time Bending
  • Distortion, Granular Processing, and Tape Recorder-Style Looping effects for Eurorack
  • 8 presets per effects bank
  • Distort section offers tape saturation, bit crushing, ring mod, frequency shifting, and more
  • Glitch/Warp section includes glitch pitch, random glide, varispeed, random grain, glitch chorus, and more
  • Sound on Sound section features panning heads, random grains, buffer degrade, chorus, and other tape looping effects
  • Mono/Stereo signal path, ready to add width and depth to any input source

FSU brings some more aggressive and destructive processing to the FX lineup from guitar pedal inspired distortion to granular processing to tape recorder style Sound on Sound looping. Distortions include Ring Modulation and Frequency Shifting for some vintage analog mayhem. Glitch bank has time based effects that abuse the aspects of delay and pitch pushing them to more experimental and extreme sounds. And Sound On Sound recreates one of the more interesting features of reel to reel tape decks that allowed overdubbing endlessly without multi-tracking. This bank uses a short tape loop and adds a variety of digital processes like pitch shifting and granular playback to make it even more experimental.


MODFX - FSU 8HP DSP Effects Series

The Tiptop Audio effects module line continues with two new additions: ModFX and FSU. Built from the same platform as ZVERBECHOZ and the Z5000 they have the same easy to use and compact UI with CV control over all three DSP parameter and the Fidelity control over the DSP clock. Both are available in the White panel as well as the newer backlit Black panels.

technical specs
  • Width: 8 HP
  • Depth: 40 mm (1.57 inches)
  • Power: 
    • Black Panel: 130mA @ +12V , 20mA @ -12V
    • White Panel: 100mA @ +12V , 20mA @ -12V
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