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Time Delay Effect Collection

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Time Delay Effect Collection
  • Delay effects module for Eurorack modular synthesizers
  • 24 delay types arrange in Tape, Digital, and Pitch banks
  • CV inputs for modulating filter, delay time, and feedback
  • Mono/Stereo signal path, ready to add width and depth to any input source

The ECHOZ collection of 24 different types of delay effects encompasses a rich variety that spanning some of the most sought after time based effects of all times as well as more experimental options as well. The Tape bank has saturation with limiting which emulates vintage tape delays but goes even beyond the originals by cascading other effects in series such as chorus and wobbly LFO driven tape head movements. A Digital bank starts with pristine clear digital delays, and then moves to BBD emulation, diffusions, multitaps and formant topologies. The Pitch bank is a collection of pitch shifted delay trails with common interval structures, detuning and shimmering. All programs run on an analog clock driven DSP for extra warmth and the ability to manipulate the effects beyond typical static delays.

ZVERB – ECHOZ – Z5000 8HP DSP Effects Series

ZVERBECHOZ and the Z5000 are powerful stereo DSP effects modules in a compact 8HP panel. Although only 8HP in size, all controls are immediately available with clear labeling, making them quick, comfortable and easy to use. Each button accesses a bank of different effects types for up to 24 effects per module.

These effects are a blend of newly developed programs and ones carefully selected from Tiptop’s library of hundreds of effects created over 10 years for the classic Z-DSP processor module. While the effects algorithms play a major role in making these modules sound impressive, an internal analog clock circuitry drives the DSP chip adds to the lush and warm audio processing. With ZVERB, ECHOZ and the Z5000, Tiptop Audio effects have never been so accessible.

technical specs
  • Width: 8 HP
  • Depth: 40 mm (1.57 inches)
  • Power: 
    • Black Panel: 130mA @ +12V , 20mA @ -12V
    • White Panel: 100mA @ +12V , 20mA @ -12V
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