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Transistory® (India), the first and only Eurorack & Modular music store of India, already offers music enthusiasts of any level with a vast & growing collection of products from various music gear brands.

Based in the tropical paradise of Goa, also dubbed as one of India's Main Hub(s) and Melting Pot of infinitesimal Indian & International: Cultures, Food, Music & Creative Talents. Conveniently located in the center of North Goa in Siolim (very close to the Siolim Bridge).

However, we realized thru many years of personal experience and feedback from various music & synthesis enthusiasts that simply buying music gear, preset scrolling and watching a bunch of scattered YouTube / Synthesis tutorial videos doesn't fully cover the Fundamentals, Deep Learning and Understanding of Sound & Synthesis.

Hence, Transistory decided to address the above issue by teaming up with Modular Moon to bring you another first and only Modular Synthesis School of India, fittingly named GOA MODULAR MOON.


Modular Moon (Amsterdam) is the headquarters of the Modular Synthesis School project and its roots, Modular Moon started here, the first of it's kind in the world. Offering a unique program of classes, presented in Cycles, currently each 'cycle' being the duration of 5 months with 1 class per week.

Founded by Anna Martinova (Tulpa Dusha) in 2018, Modular Moon is located in the center of Amsterdam, a place called A Lab. Since the beginning, Modular Moon has held multiple workshops and events with brands like Erica SynthsTINRSTiptop AudioBefacoMoog and delivers the program of modular synthesis classes, having its own specially crafted curriculum.

Besides the school, Modular Moon also gives individual one on one sessions, personalized group sessions and online sessions. 


The Program

Goa Modular Moon now offers the same unique Modular Synthesis School curriculum created by Modular Moon, specially crafted to help exponentially advance any artists' synthesis knowledge, understanding, skillsproficiency, & sound design techniques in Eurorack-Modular Synthesis, which can further be applied to any other sound synthesis mediums and formats.

Currently, Goa Modular Moon offers :
Intensive Certificate Program in CYCLE(s) <
> Individual/Personalized One-on-One Sessions <
> Customized Group Sessions <
ONLINE classes are NOT offered for now <


    Confirmed Dates : 1st Feb - 28th Feb 2023


    Confirmed Dates : 1st Mar - 31st Mar 2023


    Confirmed Dates : 3rd Apr - 30th Apr 2023


    Confirmed Dates : 1st May - 31st May 2023


    • The Intensive Certificate Program will be presented in the format of CYCLE(s), with each 'cycle' having a duration of 4 weeks of intensive training comprised of 4 classes per week - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Friday from 14:30 (2:30pm) to 17:30 (5:30pm).
    • Along with Mandatory Practice Sessions on Given Systems for a Minimum of 4 hours per week.
    • Each Cycle registration will be capped at a maximum capacity of 5 Students.
    • The Program is Non-Residential, i.e. you will have to find & confirm suitable living arrangements for the duration of the cycle, preferably in Siolim or in any of the nearby areas/beaches in North Goa.***
    • Will be taught in English language.
    • The Program also includes Workshops from Manufacturers & already proficient Eurorack-Modular Artists, along with events and additional practices like 'DIY' sessions.
    • Students will each receive a copy of Modular Sound Synthesis On The Moon the Book, and individual 'GIVEN Systems' to learn and practice the program lessons for the duration of the cycle.**
    • Students are also highly encouraged to carry along their own Eurorack-Modular or Semi-Modular Units or Systems to add and enhance their learning. 
      • Cycle I Teachers will be the original Modular Moon program curator: Anna Martinova (Tulpa Dusha) & AlkEsh (Phase~Shift).
      • Cycles II & III Teacher will be AlkEsh (Phase~Shift).
      • Cycle IV Teacher TBA
      • Additionally for several Workshop topics, external Eurorack-Modular Artists, Teachers & Manufacturers are invited.
    • Each Program Cycle will finally culminate with a Theory and Practical Exam + Graduation Party.

    ***Transistory will be happy to help you with some stay options situated close to us, but we will bear no responsibility / liability beyond the point of connection initiated between you and the other concerned person. Furthermore you can even choose to share a larger accommodation space with fellow student(s). Please do not hesitate to Contact Us for any help or information you require.



    • Each Program CYCLE Fees Includes :
      • Modular Sound Synthesis On the Moon GUIDE BOOK more info here
        • (which is highly-acclaimed amongst the worldwide Eurorack-Modular community, as THE BOOK to start your journey into Modular Synthesis without conforming to any particular module/unit/brand and is useful for Beginner to Advanced enthusiasts at any level of experience)
      • 'Given System' | Individual physical eurorack-modular systems provided to the students to learn, practice and expand their musical palette for the whole duration of the program cycle dates** 
      • 4 weeks of Intensive Training Classes (every Mon - Tue - Wed - Fri --- 3hrs each)
      • Dedicated Extra Practice Hours on Given SystemsHome Practice via our unique & exclusive  VCV Rack students preset bank 
        • (minimum 4 hours allocated per week (1 extra hour per class day) to enhance your learning, clearing your doubts if any + deep dive explorations & basic thru advanced patching possibilities, Students are welcome to confirm more practice time-slots as per their needs)
      • 90+ Hours Dedicated Eurorack-Modular Learning, Exploring & Experimenting + Workshops
        • In a compact batch with an expanse of modular music gear for individual and collective observations & research
      • Students Welcome Kit
      • Individual DIY Kit
      • Students DOK Login & Lifetime Access to all Modular Moon educational resources
      • Special Workshops by Proficient Eurorack-Modular Artists & Manufacturers (Presenters TBA on Introduction Day)


    • Program CYCLE Bonuses :
      • 5% - 15% Student Discount on Module Purchases for a max. period of 6months // 180 days from cycle completion date. (Not valid on cases, cables, power & other accessories, cannot be clubbed with early enrollment in-store credit bonuses)
      • FREE Audulus Modular Synthesis Environment Software Mac + iOS combined license.
      • 50% Discount on all Eventide® Mac/PC Plugins for a max. period of 6months // 180 days from cycle completion date. (Not valid for iOS / Mobile purchases)
      • FREE Entry to Cycle/GMM Teachers' Gigs / Events / Parties
      • FREE // Discounted Entry to GMM Event Partners' Parties
        • Unlimited Opportunities & Encouragement to Grow your Musical Network and Collaborate with various Indian & International Artists
      • FREE Admission to Producer Master Classes organized by our event Partners
      • Discounted booking fees of TRANSISTORY® SOUND LAB after successful Cycle Graduation (for a max. period of 3 months // 90 days upon cycle completion OR 6 bookings, whichever is sooner)
      • MORE Bonuses TBA

    **GIVEN SYSTEMS are provided to students ONLY for the duration of that particular cycle and to be used only within the school premises.

    **PLEASE ALSO NOTE: These given systems or any part thereof CAN NOT be taken out of the school by any student for any reason whatsoever. Payment of Cycle Fees does not entitle any student to lay claim to or on any of the gear provided to them for the purposes of learning.


    Each Program Cycle consists of 20 Total Learning Modules :

    • Module 01 : A Beginning, Algorithm of Actions + Physics of Sound
    • Module 02 : Eurorack + Given Systems Analysis
    • Module 03 : Signal Generators | VCO
    • Module 04 : Signal Modifiers | VCF, VCA
    • Module 05 : Signal Controllers | EG (ADSR)
    • Module 06 : Signal Controllers | Clocks, CV, Trig, Sequencers, Arpeggiators
    • Module 07 : Linear, Logarithmic & Exponential Control Signals + Complex Patches Practice
    • Module 08 : Patching in Bigger Systems
    • Module 09 : Other Modules & Their Functions
    • Module 10 : Various Synthesis Methods
    • Module 11 : Practice of Various Synthesis Methods
    • Module 12 : Multilayering
    • Module 13 : Interfacing Systems
    • Module 14 : Music Recording and Post Processing
    • Module 15 : Live Performance Mode
    • Module 16 : Basic Electronics + DIY Pocket Synth
    • Module 17 : Your Own System Prototype + Safety
    • Module 18 : DIY Module I
    • Module 19 : DIY Module II & III
    • Module 20 : Theory and Practice Exam + Graduation Party


    CYCLE Fees

    • CYCLE Fees = ₹ 80,000 INR (18% GST Included) (To be paid in FULL & Advance before cycle commencement)

    Fees Break-Up:

      • ₹ 20,000 INR = CYCLE Booking Fee (Non-Refundable, Transferable to max. 1 other cycle)
      • ₹ 60,000 INR = Balance CYCLE Fee



    (only offered if above mentioned CYCLE Fees is paid in a FULL Advance Payment)

    • EARLY ENROLLMENT BONUS for CYCLE I : 1st Feb - 28th Feb '23  
      • 25% In-Store Credit (₹ 20,000 INR Value) CYCLE I Intro Offer for All Students who register


    • EARLY ENROLLMENT BONUS for CYCLE II : 1st Mar - 31st Mar '23  (only offered if above mentioned CYCLE Fees is paid in a FULL Advance Payment)
      • 25% In-Store Credit (₹ 20,000 INR Value) If you enroll before 1st Feb'23
      • 12.5% In-Store Credit (₹ 10,000 INR Value) If you enroll between 2 Feb'23 - 15th Feb'23


    • EARLY ENROLLMENT BONUS for CYCLE III : 3rd Apr - 30th Apr '23  (only offered if above mentioned CYCLE Fees is paid in a FULL Advance Payment)
      • 25% In-Store Credit (₹ 20,000 INR Value) If you enroll before 1st Mar'23
      • 12.5% In-Store Credit (₹ 10,000 INR Value) If you enroll between 2nd Mar'23 - 15th Mar'23


    • EARLY ENROLLMENT BONUS for CYCLE IV : 1st May - 31st May '23 (only offered if above mentioned CYCLE Fees is paid in a FULL Advance Payment)
      • 25% In-Store Credit (₹ 20,000 INR Value) If you enroll before 1st Apr'23
      • 12.5% In-Store Credit (₹ 10,000 INR Value) If you enroll between 2nd Apr'23 - 15th Apr'23

      *In-Store Credit can be utilized by students to start purchasing modules and building their own Eurorack Systems.

      *In-Store Credit can be used towards Module purchases ONLY (no Cables, Cases, Power, Accessories etc. & can not be clubbed with the 5% - 15% student discounts that are offered up to 6 months (180 days) after CYCLE completion.



        • Online Bank Transfer / UPI
        • Cash // Bank Deposit
        • Credit Card (via generated link) ***(please note: extra 2.36% CC charges will apply, but this transaction can be converted into an EMI by your Card Issuer)


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