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1 Pair of Anodized Aluminum Eurorack Mounting Rails

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1 Pair of Anodized Aluminum Eurorack Mounting Rails
  • 1 pair of durable anodized aluminum Eurorack mounting rails
  • Available in various sizes of HP to fit many different rack sizes & various needs
  • 20HP - 40HP - 84HP - 104HP - 126HP - 168HP
  • Works with Z-Ears or any standard 3U Eurorack rack ears
  • Each rail contains nickel-plated brass threaded strips which can be removed & replaced with sliding nuts
  • Nickel Strips w/ 3mm threads & 5.08mm spacing for standard Eurorack gear

A Quality Set of Eurorack Rails

When Transistory synth nuts build their own custom Eurorack synths, or simply want to make small extension/external Eurorack Pods/boxes for specific use modules, they go for Tiptop Audio Z-Rails. A natural choice for Z-Ears or other similar Eurorack rack ears. They're made of durable anodized aluminum and feature nickel-plated brass threading, providing a secure fit for your Eurorack modules, but can also be removed and replaced with M2.5(mm) or M3(mm) Sliding Nuts. Z-Rails are also super easy to install. If you're building a DIY Eurorack rig, then Tiptop Z-Rails are the way to go.

Build your DIY Eurorack rig with Tiptop Audio Z-Rails!

Tiptop Audio Z-Rails are mounting rails for the Eurorack modular synthesizer format and are designed to be used for professional and DIY case mounting assemblies.

Z-Rails are sold in sets of two (2) aluminum, silver or black anodized rails, each containing a Zinc plated metal threaded strip with 3mm threads at 5,08mm spacing. The rails are easy to install using Z-Ears or Z-Rail Brackets but can also be attached direct to any frame with just two M4 screws, one for each side of the individual Z-Rail. The M4 screws are not included as they are size dependent on the thickness of the material the rails will be attached to. M4 screws are included with Z-Ears and Z-Rails Brackets.

Follow these steps to make your Eurorack case:

1. Select Z-Rails length: 20HP / 40HP / 84HP / 104HP / 126HP / 168HP.

2. Select the Z-Rails color: black or silver.

3. Select the side attachments with the correct/contrast color black or silver: Z-Ears TableTop / Z-Ears Rackmount / Z-Rails Brackets.

4. Select the power system: µZeus / Zeus Studio Bus.

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