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4HP Micro Power Supply with 2 Flying Bus Boards

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4HP Micro Power Supply with 2 Flying Bus Boards
  • A 4HP micro power supply and 2x ribbon bus board set for any empty Eurorack enclosure
  • 2 ribbon bus boards with 5 connectors each distribute power to up to 10 modules
  • 3 Bus Ports: 2x dual power bus ports + 1 single power bus port
  • +12-volt, -12-volt, and +5-volt linear and switching power supply accommodates most modules
  • Ideal for standard 84HP enclosures such as those that fit into 19" equipment racks
  • Requires 15-volt μZEUS power adapter - sold separately

Perfect Power for Your DIY Eurorack Synth

The micro / μZEUS is a 4HP power supply module for Eurorack format synthesizers is the smallest and most powerful power supply available for it’s size and price. All you have to do is plug in your module and play.

The μZEUS mixes linear and switching power technology that can produce up to 2000mA at +12V, 500mA at -12V, 170mA at +5V. For power it can use the lower cost Tiptop μZeus 1000mA or the more powerful μZeus-Boost 3000mA Adapter to reach full capacity. Standard 15V power adapters are compatible as well.

Expand your μZEUS Module to connect more modules within power adapter limits with the Flying Bus Board Expander Cable 

technical specs
  • Width: 4 HP
  • Power: 2000mA @ +12V , 500mA @ -12V , 170mA @ +5V
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