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Z-DSP NumberZ

Z-DSP NumberZ

Z-DSP Module Custom Algorithm Software Development Tool

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Z-DSP NumberZ
Z-DSP Module Custom Algorithm Software Development Tool
  • USB Device For Downloading & Burning Z-DSP Programs
  • Download Free Programs & Modify Them For New Effects
  • Write & Debug Z-DSP Programs In A Real-Time Environment
  • Share Your Programs & Cartridges With Other Numberz/Z-DSP Users
  • Create Your Own Custom Text For Z-DSP LCD Display
  • Comes w/Three Blank Z-DSP Cartridges

NumberZ provides the physical layer connecting the DSP software development tool with the Z-DSP module and its cartridges and lets you debug your code in real time and make copies of your developed cartridges. NumberZ is both a development tool and a cartridge programer.

With NumberZ you can:

– Develop your own effects to play on the Z-DSP module.
– Debug your Z-DSP effects in a real-time environment.
– Sell your developed cartridges in the Z-DSP market place
– Download free Z-DSP effects from the web to play on your Z-DSP.
– Modify downloaded dsp code for new and interesting effects.
– Share your effects online with other NumberZ users.
– Share your effects on Z-DSP Cartridges with other Z-DSP users.

PC-based Software

Numberz works by interfacing with a PC-based software front-end. This software collection enables you to download DSP programs, modify them, write and debug your own programs, and share them online with other Numberz users. The software can all be downloaded from here, whilst free DSP programs that you can write to Tiptop's blank cartridges can be downloaded here.


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