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Voltage Controlled Stereo Digital Signal Processor

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Voltage Controlled Digital Signal Processor
  • A powerful stereo DSP-based effects processor for your Eurorack rig
  • Cartridge-Based OPEN SOURCE digital sound processing module
  • Interchangeable DSP cartridges let you swap out effects algorithms
  • Extensive I/O accommodate advance patching and parameter control
  • Program sequencer lets you automate program changes
  • Voltage-controlled clock makes it easy to manipulate delay times
  • Includes Dragonfly Delay MKII cartridge with 8 onboard delay algorithms and Halls of Valhalla reverb cartridge with 8 reverb algorithms

Tiptop Audio’s Z-DSP is a cartridge-based open source digital sound processing and effects generating platform for your modular synthesizer. Lush audio processing, greater stereo depth and a unique set of digital synthesis is what the Z-DSP is all about.

The Z-DSP has a stereo digital sound processor with 24-bit sampling, 15kHz of bandwidth, voltage-controlled parameters of stereo feedback, program switching, DSP parameters, equal power crossfading dry/wet mixing, as well as sequential program control switching and a clear display – all in Eurorack format. A dedicated clocking input for the DSP chip does wonders to passing sound by bending the algorithms in an unexpected way, a hardware technique computer plugins can’t do and is unique to the Z-DSP.

In a recent update, the Z-DSP (NS) got an all new design of its analog circuitry, contributing to a lower noise signal path, clearer sound of the entire frequency range, lower distortion and better immunity to noise emitted by other modules sharing the same power supply. A new analog dry/wet circuit has been implemented to remove the 3db gain drop when the mix knob passes through the center of the dial making the use of this function more practical in a live application. A reverse polarity protection has been added as well. The new front-panel matches Tiptop’s colorful design, and a single printed circuit board and surface mount technology improve reliability during production and use. The powerful Z-DSP engine remains the same as the original Z-DSP module and all cards are compatible across both versions.

An assortment of interchangeable cards, programmed by Tiptop Audio and specialists like Valhalla DSP, provide a wide range of boutique effects algorithms such as Halls of Valhalla, Time Fabric, Clocked Delays and Grain De Folie. Tiptop Audio also offers blank Z-DSP cartridges and a development tool called NumberZ for developers, students and power users who want to design their own effects and cards with the FV-1 DSP chip programing language. Blank cards can be loaded using programs that are freely available for non-commercial use and can be found in the modular community through online forums. With each card swap, the Z-DSP takes on new effect algorithms, changing like a digital chameleon and bringing colorful digital effects processing to your Eurorack setup.

The Z-DSP comes included with 2 cards: Halls of Valhalla and Dragonfly Delay MKII.

Dragonfly Delay MKII cartridge delivers eight killer delay types

Right out of the box, the Z-DSP NS comes bundled with Tiptop Audio's Dragonfly Delay MKII Z-DSP cartridge. You get an awesome set of voltage-controlled delay types, complete with variable taps and onboard filtering, and a variable clock lets you pull off amazing sonic stunts. All told, there are eight delay algorithms onboard, with various combinations of taps, filtering, and stereo/mono configurations. Patch it into your complete Eurorack synth, and you'll be blown away by what you can create.

Halls of Valhalla cartridge by Sean Castello (Valhalla DSP)

The Halls of Valhalla reverb cartridge is the brainchild of Sean Costello from Valhalla DSP, and it sports every drop of musical, atmospheric character you'd expect from him. Onboard, you'll find eight reverb algorithms, from tight rooms and glowing chambers to reverbs so dense and ethereal they demand names from Norse mythology. Sweetwater synth nuts particularly love the built-in modulation, which lets you dial in anything from subtle waver to glossy shimmer as your synth tones bloom across oceans of vibrant reverb tails.

technical specs
  • Width: 28 HP
  • Depth: 25 mm (1.0 inches)
  • Power: 200mA @ +12V , 87mA @ -12V
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