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Z-DSP Cartridges ZVERBZ The Spatial Bundle

Z-DSP Cartridges ZVERBZ The Spatial Bundle

ZVERBZ The Spatial Bundle

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Z-DSP Cartridges ZVERBZ The Spatial Bundle
3 Decades of Popular Reverb Algorithms: '70s, '80s, and '90s for use with Z-DSP Eurorack effects module
  • Set of 3 expansion cartridges for Z-DSP Eurorack module
  • Covers 3 decades of popular reverb algorithms: '70s, '80s, and '90s
  • Explore a wide range of reverbs, from simple and effective rooms to cavernous spaces, pitch-modulated ambience, gritty tape delays, and much more
  • Extended versions of the reverbs found in the ZVERB reverb effects Eurorack module

Loaded with 24 vibrant reverbs for your Z-DSP Eurorack module, the Tiptop Audio ZVERBZ Spatial Bundle delivers a fresh dose of ambience for your Eurorack rig. Three cards are included, each dedicated to the decade that each reverb algorithm was introduced, or when it became most popular. From simple-yet-effective room reverbs to complex atmospheres involving pitch shifting and delays, the ZVERBZ Spatial Bundle covers all the bases you'll need for music production and sound design. And because the Z-DSP module supports analog clocking of its DSP chip, and CV control over its parameters, you have all the power you need to turn any of these reverbs into something totally unique. Expand your Eurorack rig's reverb options — and your creative potential — with the Tiptop Audio ZEVERBZ Spatial Bundle.

ZVERBZ is a collection of new stereo reverb algorithms for the Z-DSP. They range from typical reverbs to more complex effects that combine delay and pitch shifting with reverb. The effects are grouped by decades based on either the era an algorithm was introduced or the time when the effect was most popular. This variety of reverbs covers small to epic size spaces with the addition of shimmering, feedback tunneled pitch shifting, tape delay drivers, gated reverbs and a lot more. Analog clocking of the DSP chip and CV over the parameters enables even more experimentation. This is a collection inspired by the best from the past right at your fingertips.

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