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Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator

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Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator
  • A super-flexible ADSR envelope generator module for your Eurorack synth rig
  • Attack, decay, sustain, and release controls include CV inputs for on-the-fly control
  • Select between logarithmic and exponential attack slope for 2 distinct characters
  • Envelope inversion button lets you create a completely different set of dynamics
  • Retrigger control lets you create classic analog legato note expression
  • Shoot button allows you to manually trigger the envelope

The Z4000 NS is a snappy voltage-controlled analog envelope generator with a built-in CV processor for scaling, inverting, and voltage-controlled deviating of the envelope shape. The Z4000 generates an envelope made of the four classic segments: Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release, in which each segment can be manually set using knobs or dynamically set under voltage control.

Control knobs for the Attack, Decay, and Release segments are scaled. The first 0-50% of the knobs rotation is dedicated to high resolution adjustment in the millisecond range.

The output levels are fully adjustable with signals that can reach up to 10V in either polarity and can be mirrored into the opposite polarity or clipped using the voltage-controlled deviater-scaler. A bi-color LED indicates intermediate values in both polarities and their crossfade state.

The Attack slope switch allows selection of a logarithmic or exponential curve for the Attack segment. This subtle effect helps further the fine adjustment of the Attack segment slope. A Shoot button is provided to let you fire the envelope manually. The Z4000 also provides a retrigger input allowing you to create legato notes when using a classic keyboard interface.

Going down to nuts and bolts, the Z4000’s smoothness and snappiness is made possible by a four segment active-charge discrete circuit which is an extended version of circuits found in classic two segment rise / fall transient generators.

technical specs
  • Width: 8 HP
  • Depth: 28 mm (1.1 inches)
  • Power: 34mA @ +12V , 18mA @ -12V
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