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Mosaic 1U



Tap Tempo Clock Generator Utility

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Tap Tempo Clock Generator Utility
  • Tap Tempo clock generator
  • 50% duty cycle
  • LED clock rate indicator
  • Pause functionality
  • Fits Intellijel 1U format cases, alternative Pulp Logic replacement panels sold separately here

A simple idea with expert execution, Mosaic gives you hands on control over your tempo with Tap. Keep your patch in sync when playing with others, or figure out the perfect tempo for that remix by simply tapping out the beat. By long-pressing the button you can pause the gates, an LED indicates the speed that you're going at, and a 50% duty cycle means the clock will be stable. Never be off time—or at least be in control of how off you are—with the Tap from Mosaic.

Stay in time with Mosaic Tap, our tap tempo solution for the 1U format! Tap is a simple, yet performance focused utility that gets you playing modular in a live setting.

Simply tap along to the beat, and Tap will output an extremely accurate clock for your modular system. All this is possible using complex averaging algorithms designed with musical performance in mind. With an LED indicator onboard for visual tempo feedback, you can keep your mind on the music. Need to pause your clock? Hold the Tap button down for one second, and the clock will pause. Never lose the beat with Tap!

Pulp Logic / Alternate Color Replacement Panels available here

technical specs
  • Panel Format: Intellijel
  • Height: 1U
  • Width: 4 HP
  • Depth: 38 mm (1.49 inches)
  • Power: 38mA @ +12V , 7mA @ -12V
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