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Mosaic 1U

Plucked String

Plucked String

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Plucked String
Voltage Controlled Karplus-Strong Strings Voice Generator
  • Voltage controlled physical modelling voice module built on the Karplus-Strong algorithm
  • 1v/Oct pitch tracking
  • 8 voices of polyphony, Emulates strings, guitars, and more
  • Manual trigger button for auditioning, Trigger input for sequencing
  • CV inputs for strike (shapes transient), decay, and pitch
  • High Fidelity Sound: 24-bit, 96kHz
  • Fits Intellijel 1U format cases, alternative Pulp Logic replacement panels sold separately here

Bring the power of physical modelling to your 1U rack with the Plucked String module from Mosaic. Featuring a stunning eight voices of polyphony, the Plucked String can produce lovely ensemble effects, and with voltage-controlled strike, decay, and pitch, a variety of string models can be produced.

Mosaic Plucked String is a physical modeling voice that emulates plucked string timbres. Utilizing the Karplus-Strong synthesis technique with eight voices of polyphony, Plucked String is a powerful sound engine for any modular system, without sacrificing rack space.

Pulp Logic / Alternate Color Replacement Panels available here

technical specs
  • Panel Format: Intellijel
  • Height: 1U
  • Width: 14 HP
  • Depth: 28 mm (1.1 inches)
  • Power: 82mA @ +12V , 8mA @ -12V
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