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Buchla TipTop Audio

Model 258t

Model 258t

Dual Oscillator

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Model 258t
Dual Oscillator

Buchla + TipTop Audio 200 Series

  • Re-creates the original Buchla 258t 200 series module in Eurorack format
  • Dual oscillators with wave shaping range from sine to saw (oscillator 1) and sine to square (oscillator 2)
  • Control voltage input for 1V/octave note tracking
  • Oscillator frequency control ranges from 5Hz–20kHz
  • Attenuverter allows flexible control over pitch scaling, inversion, and expansion without needing a separate processor
  • Frequency modulation control expands sound-design potential with metallic, non-harmonic upper partials

Bringing the Buchla 200 Series to Eurorack

Tiptop Audio has teamed up with Buchla to bring back classic Buchla 200 series modules to the modern Eurorack format, including the 258t Dual Oscillator Eurorack module. First introduced in the 1970s, synthesizer modules such as the 258t Dual Oscillator helped set the foundation for experimental electronic music and sound design.

The 258t Dual Oscillator is an exact re-creation of the original, complete with CV control inputs for its attenuverter, frequency modulation, wave shaping, and oscillator frequency. Start from a simple sine wave with low harmonic content, fine-tune its harmonic structure with wave shaping and FM, then modulate however you like — there’s a world of sonic exploration ripe for the taking with the Buchla Tiptop Audio 258t Dual Oscillator Eurorack module from Transistory.

Welcome to the Buchla & Tiptop Audio 200 series project. In this project Buchla has teamed up with Tiptop Audio to resume the production of Don Buchla’s 200 series and convert it to Eurorack standards. These extremely rare pieces of equipment made almost half a century ago will once again be available, and this time to a wide audience.

technical specs
  • Width: 18 HP
  • Depth: 45 mm (1.77 inches)
  • Power: 70mA @ +12V , 40mA @ -12V
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