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OTA based Phase Shifter with Mono Signal Path

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OTA based Phase Shifter
  • Full Analog 8-Stage OTA Phase Shifter
  • 2 Different LFO Waves (triangle, square)
  • Wide Range LFO from several sec up to 110Hz
  • Great for Vibrato Effect
  • 3 patch points for our Eurorack modular fans
  • Mono Signal Path 
  • CMOS bypass

Lethargy derives from the Greek word for forgetfulness, “Lethe”. It is a state of being drowsy and dull. The feeling of having little energy or of being unable or unwilling to do anything. 


is an OTA based Phase Shifter effect pedal suitable for fretted instruments and synthesizers, with eurorack patch compatibility. 

Dreadbox Lethargy is an 8-stage analog phaser with a beautiful vintage sound, which is guaranteed by the use of OTA chips. Due to the 8-stage architecture, more drastic and strongly coloring sounds are possible. The typical wobbling and floating sounds are adjusted with the internal LFO, whose frequency range reaches from a few minutes up to 110 Hz. This makes Lethargy also suitable for great vibrato effects. The signal path of the effect pedal is mono on the input and output side and is equally suitable for guitar and line level. The three patch points on the front panel provide control voltage for amount and LFO rate of e.g. a Eurorack modular system and output the signal of the LFO.

technical specs
  • Circuit: Analog
  • Bypass: Buffered CMOS
  • Audio: Mono
  • Inputs / Outputs: IN/OUT : TS Unbalanced 6.35mm jacks &  Manual / Rate / LFO Out : 3.5mm mini jacks
  • Power Supply: 9VDC BOSS style center pin negative 2.1mm (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Current Draw: 90mA
  • Dimensions (cm): 14x10x5.6
  • Weight: 0.525 kg
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