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Noise Engineering

Lacrima Versio

Lacrima Versio

Noise Engineering’s Take on the Classic AutoWah, in True Stereo I/O, and with a Twist

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Lacrima Versio
Noise Engineering’s Take on the Classic AutoWah, in True Stereo I/O, and with a Twist
  • True Stereo I/O Expanded AutoWah
  • Blend, filter morph, resonance, saturation, filter cutoff, envelope follower, and modulation parameters, all with CV inputs
  • Hit button with CV/trigger input
  • Saturation routing three-way switch (pre, post, and pre+post filter)
  • Stereo Chorus three-way switch (off, type I, and type II)
  • Easily update/swap Versio firmwares using USB

Lacrima - from Latin: “tears”

Versio - from Latin: “versatile”

“Versatile Tears”

Lacrima Versio's roots are in the classic analog autowah pedals, but we don't stop there. LV features an envelope follower that controls a high-resonance filter. Morph the filter between lowpass, bandpass, and highpass slopes, and Lacrima covers all the sounds you’d expect from a typical wah – but this is not your typical wah. Route an adjustable distortion pre, post, or pre+post filter for some saturation crunch. Add width and motion (and just a little otherworldly tone) to your sounds with a stereo chorus. Last but not least, use the Mod parameter to add audio-rate modulation and octavizing to your signal.

Not only is LV a unique and experimental AutoWah, it’s a stereo DSP platform. A simple USB connection will allow you to update LV to a variety of effects firmwares. Open-source support is available through libDaisy, which allows you to write your own firmware!

Welcome to the World Of Versio.

A multi-dimensional Module Series from Noise Engineering built on the Electrosmith Daisy platform. All Versio Modules can be flashed with various swappable firmwares for FREE, once you own a Versio module, you can try them all!!! Unlock the full potential of your Versio with alternate firmwares and DIY resources.

Versio is a shapeshifting effects platform. Turn your Versio into a clocked delay, ADSR-controlled VCA, or something completely different! Our firmware is always free for Versio owners, so change your Versio module whenever inspiration strikes! Forget menu diving. Say hello to a whole new building block for modular synthesis.

Try all the Versio firmwares now at the Noise Engineering Customer Portal for free.

Versio Modules are also offered with Numbered FacePlate option available here so you can not only keep swapping the firmware of your Versio without any parameter/label confusion, but also design your own custom firmwares and experiment with an infinite number of possibilities for new modules.

Check out all the Versio modules at the World of Versio.

technical specs
  • Width: 10 HP
  • Depth: 39 mm (1.5 inches)
  • Power: 70mA @ +12V , 70mA @ -12V , 0mA @ 5V
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