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Kick Drum & Side Chain Compressor + Reverb Module

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Kick Drum & Side Chain Compressor + Reverb Module
  • Stereo Spectral Compression
  • Linked Controls between kick, side chain and reverb.
  • 909 inspired virtual analogue signal path
  • 24 bit Stereo Reverb
  • FX Send/Return option
  • CV pitch control, play like a bass
  • 40Hz/60Hz bass cut protection
  • True Stereo Input & Output

909 Inspired Hi-Fidelity Kick/Bass Drum Voice + Spectral SideChain Compressor + Hi-Q 24bit Reverb

Introducing Kickain. The perfect pairing of a 909 inspired kick drum and side chain compressor. Designed to work in tandem as a single easy to control module, Kickain will  revolutionise your side chain workflow, making it a breeze to tame the very heartbeat of your music, intelligently managing low frequency artefacts and removing any clashing frequencies or overlapping transients. The end result will leave you speechless, producing a cleaner, tighter mastering standard mix featuring the most powerful kick drum on the planet.

Spectral Compression

As well as the regular side chain effect of ducking the volume around the kick drum, Kickain also features two spectral compressor modes that intelligently eq the incoming mix to fit around the triggered drum sound, adjusting it continuously 1000s of times a second. The effect has to be heard to be believed, optimising the loudness of your kick without any intrusive 'pumping' on the overall mix. Tracks sound tighter and richer in the bottom end, whilst the kick is always punching through.

Tune to the Room

As with all Knobula products our focus is on performance, so we've given you the essential controls you need to design a kick that fits your tune, your room or your sound system without diving into menus or clicking encoders. The controls allow you to quickly create kicks for a whole host of genres and tempos as well as protect your ears and speakers. And if that's not enough there is a Send/Return option for further processing.


Featuring our 24bit stereo digital reverb, linked to the decay envelope, you can add subtle room effects or big 10 second bass drops at the twist of a single knob.

technical specs
  • Width: 12 HP
  • Depth: 40 mm (1.57 in)
  • Power: 80mA @ +12V , 80mA @ -12V
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