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Analog Hi-Hats Drum Generator

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Analog Hi-Hats Drum Generator Module
  • Analog remake of the classic '808 hi-hat circuits for your Eurorack modular rig
  • Q control starts in original '808 territory, adds metallic resonance and character as it increases
  • Choking can be disabled for expanded rhythmic possibilities
  • Powerful gain stages allow you to increase harmonic richness and achieve overdrive effects
  • Use CV or gate signal to control the accent volume for dynamic performances
  • Only 8HP wide, so you'll have plenty of space for more drum synths

Introducing the HATS808, part of our new series of drum modules that brings those classic percussion sounds into the modular synth world, instantly turning your system into a self-contained music machine.

The HATS808 is the TR-808’s real, analog closed and open hi-hat circuits adapted for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer format and teste to sound just like it did back in the 80’s. Adapting to modular format has allowed us to add some special features for each voice like independent accent levels, a high-powered gain stage and dual input pluse-shaper. Filter Q and VC-Q knobs were added to the main band-pass filter for additional tuning and to allow you to generate crushed tones and self-oscillation at the knob’s max position, all without compromising the signature sound of the TR-808 hi-hat.

The HATS808 sizzling sound is made using six analog square wave oscillators mixed and processed by band-pass filters. This multi-oscillator design is what gives the 808 hi-hat sounds their unique metallica character and makes each HATS808 sound slightly different from one another. The original “choke” circuitry that makes it sound so dynamic and tight is fully implemented,
just like the original, but can also be disabled if needed by disconnecting the internal connection between the two hats.

Just like the other drums in this series, the HATS808 high-powered output gain stage allows you to further harmonize the sound using distortion and clipping. On each input, we have included a dual pulse-shaper circuit so you can trigger your HATS808 with trigger/gate signals from step sequencers, clock dividers or any other pulse/clock sources. This eliminates the need to shape pulses sent to the module and ensures the same stable sound at peak power, regardless of your pulse source. All these unique features make integrating this legendary sound generator into your modular synth easy, unleashing the power of real analog drums.

Spot-on re-creation of an iconic hi-hat sound

Just like the original '808, the Tiptop Audio HATS808 module employs six square-wave oscillators processed with a bandpass filter. The sound is pleasingly metallic, and a wide range of timbres are possible between the Q, VC-Q and Decay controls.

Allows for both choked and un-choked hi-hat grooves

In its stock configuration, the HATS808 module allows the closed and open hi-hat sounds to choke each other out for tight grooves. You can also disable choking with an internal switch, giving you many more creative options. You could use a very high Decay setting on the open hat to create a crash cymbal effect, while allowing the short hat to continue the groove uninterrupted.

Enhanced output gain stages can be used for built-in overdrive effects

Overdriving '808 sounds is an integral part of some electronic music styles, and the HATS808 module is the first '808-style module Transistory has seen that has harmonic saturation built right in. It's perfect for adding sizzle to the hi-hat sounds, and also for generating extra harmonics when using the hats as modulation sources. Just turn up the Level and Accent controls for more saturation and harmonic richness.

*TR-808 is a Trademark of Roland Corp Japan

technical specs
  • Width: 8 HP
  • Depth: 14 mm (0.55 inches)
  • Power: 13mA @ +12V , 25mA @ -12V
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