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TipTop Audio

Black Mantis

Black Mantis

Eurorack Case

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Black Mantis

Eurorack Case 2x104 = 208 HP

  • An impressive 208HP of mounting space divided into 2 levels of 104HP
  • Folding leg and prop deliver 0-, 45-, and 90-degree setup configurations
  • In-built Z-Rails ensure perfect module mounting without sliding nuts
  • Future-Proof Zeus Universal 110/220V AC Power Supply delivers ample current
  • 1 x 36-Header Bus Board with Keyed power connectors help protect your modules from reverse power
  • Slim 3kg/6.5lbs design makes this rack extremely portable

With Mantis, we took our years of experience with Eurorack to create a low-cost case that makes the Eurorack modular synthesizer look, work, and feel like a professional instrument. Mantis is an instrument that is at home on stage, touring, or in the center of the studio.

Sophisticated, Drop-in-and-play Eurorack Rig

With sleek lines reminiscent of an experimental racer and a sophisticated bracing system for flexible configuration, Tiptop Audio's Mantis is the standalone Eurorack case you've been waiting for. Lay it flat on your desk, prop it behind your keyboard, or stand it up for that wall-of-synth feel — any way you use it, you'll love how easily the Mantis lets you access 208HP of your favorite Eurorack modules. What's more, the Mantis comes loaded with a Zeus power supply and rails, so you're ready to rock right out of the box.

Three setup angles for ultimate access

True to Tiptop Audio's reputation for innovative design, the Mantis Eurorack case combines a streamlined look with incredible ergonomics, so you can position your modules however you like. A set of folding legs and a flip-out prop let you place the Mantis flat, prop it at 45 degrees, or stand it up all the way. Whether you're a tabletop tweaker, a keyboard performer, or an old-school wall-of-synth guy, you'll love this case.

Loaded with plenty of module space

Balancing capacity with portability, the Mantis offers a total of 208HP of Eurorack module mounting space while weighing a mere 3kg/6.5lbs. The mounting space is divided into two gangs of 104HP to keep the footprint small while making patching extra convenient. Z-Rails mounting rails provide standard Eurorack spacing so you never have to deal with annoying sliding nuts or goofed up module spacing. What's more, despite its slim profile, the Mantis offers a 50mm mounting depth to accommodate most Eurorack modules out there.

Onboard Zeus power supply system

Sick of calculating current consumption? Want a simple, load-it-up-and-go Eurorack system? Here you go! Tiptop Audio preloaded the Mantis with their legendary Zeus power system, which many of us at Sweetwater swear by because it makes setting up your rig super easy. We're talking about practically future-proof power here, with 3000mA DC output capacity, three zones of +12V@3A current, -12V@1.1A, and +5V@300ma. Along with the 3000ma Mantis universal power adapter, this rig is ready to take you anywhere.

 Optional Accessories:
technical specs
  • Bus Board: 1 x 36-Header Bus Board
  • HP Size: 2 x 104HP rows
  • Module Depth: 1.96" (50mm) upper row, 2.4" (61mm) lower row
  • Exterior Height: 12.36" (vertical position)
  • Exterior Width: 21.25"
  • Exterior Depth: 4.21"
  • Materials: Plastic ABS with Aluminum
  • Power Supply: Built-in Zeus power supply (110/220V AC cable included, available in USA, UK & EU options)
  • Power Output: +12V/3000mA, -12V/1100mA, +5V/300mA
  • Weight: 3kg / 6.5 lbs.
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