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Mosaic 1U



Four Stage ADSR Envelope Generator

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Four Stage ADSR Envelope Generator
  • Four stage ADSR envelope
  • Clear and ergonomic panel layout
  • 10V range for maximum control potential
  • Fast/Slow switch
  • Fits Intellijel 1U format cases, alternative Pulp Logic replacement panels sold separately here

Shape sound sources and modulate parameters with the dedicated ADSR envelope. This four stage envelope gives individual control over each stage, allowing for complex, yet detailed modulation over filters, VCAs, effects, and more. Patch in punchy synth stabs, sweeping pads, and powerful sonic transformations with the ADSR.

ADSR from Mosaic is a simple and effective four stage envelope in a 1U format. Individual control over each stage allows you to construct complex CV signals which are as effective at shaping the dynamic response of the VCA as for modulating whichever parameters of any other module in your system. Just add the gate and modulate!

Pulp Logic / Alternate Color Replacement Panels available here

technical specs
  • Panel Format: Intellijel
  • Height: 1U
  • Width: 14 HP
  • Depth: 38 mm (1.49 inches)
  • Power: 24mA @ +12V , 7mA @ -12V
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