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Digital 2-Operator FM Voice

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Digital 2-Operator FM Voice
  • Two-operator FM voice
  • Built-in decay envelope with voltage control
  • Digital oscillator implementation
  • Playable design and low footprint

The 2OPFM is a digital implementation of one of electronic music's most flexible percussive synthesis voices: simple two-operator frequency modulation. Super Synthesis have designed a streamlined way of coaxing huge sounds out of this small module, which features two oscillators, a carrier and modulator, as well as a built-in amplitude envelope with voltage controlled decay.

Every control on the panel has a corresponding voltage input for external control, and the ergonomic slider design encourages users to expressively interact with the module. This small collection of functions can yield surprisingly varied results however, from short plucks and liquid slaps to bellowing bass and expressive leads—this capable full voice module is full of possibility.

2OPFM is a digital 2-operator FM voice in 6HP. It features 2 sine wave oscillators and a decay envelope to control their amplitudes. Perfect for growling percussion and plucky melodies.

 : The length of the internal decay envelope. The associated jack is an offset to the slider. 

FM: The amount of FM modulation of the carrier. The associated CV input is an offset to the slider. 

KHz: The base frequency of the carrier oscillator. The associated CV input is an offset to the pot.

RATIO: The ratio of modulator frequency to carrier frequency.

OP1: The main output.  

TRIG: A rising edge triggers the built in decay envelope. This envelope modulates the amplitude of the carrier, as well as the modulator (at a slightly faster rate) Incoming triggers are ignored when the envelope is active, thus allowing for frequency division based on the decay slider. 

 *Note: -12V is unmarked on the power header on these modules (who would do such a thing?!) The red stripe on your power cable should go DOWN. -12V is DOWN.

technical specs 
  • Width: 6 HP
  • Power: 45mA @ +12V , 5mA @ -12V
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