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Super Synthesis



Overlapping Triangle Waveshaper / CV Processor

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Overlapping Triangle Waveshaper / CV Processor
  • Utility and waveshaping module
  • Converts any 0-5V signal into four overlapping triangle waves
  • Converts a single CV source into a controller for up to four destinations
  • Great for crossfading and panning with multiple VCAs

Scanner from Super Synthesis is a handy utility module designed to convert a single 0–5V input signal into four overlapping triangle waves (in the style of the now-discontinued Doepfer A-144 Morphing Controller). It is perfect for creating two-four way crossfades with VCAs or waveshaping as it will convert any continuous waveform into a set of overlapping triangle waves. But of course, the range of possible applications of Scanner extend beyond that—experimentations will prove to be rewarding.

The Scanner takes a 0-5V input voltage and turns it into 4 0-5V overlapping triangular output voltages. A classic "weirder to type about than in practice" module. Scanner is useful for driving VCAs (for a 2-4 way crossfade), waveshaping (any input wave comes out a triangle), and probably lots more! 

The individual outputs are not truly named, but arranged in a square, progressing clockwise. If you call the lower left "A" and the lower right "D", this diagram shows the input / output relationship:

technical specs 
  • Width: 6 HP
  • Power: 45mA @ +12V , 5mA @ -12V
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