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Super Synthesis



2 Channel Phrase/Knob-Recording Sequencer

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2 Channel Phrase/Knob-Recording Sequencer
  • Two channel knob-recording sequencer
  • Fast and simple operation
  • Variable length up to 16 steps
  • Internal or external sync control
  • Colored input and output jacks

The Super Synthesis PHRSR is an endlessly useful phrase-recorder that provides an incredibly simple workflow that can bring expressive modulation to your patches in seconds. The PHRSR records knob movements over a variable 16-step sequence and instantly outputs the recorded gestures as voltage—and with two channels, it's practically an extra set of hands!

The PHRSR can easily be clocked to follow along with other modules, but it also generates its own clock, meaning it can run freely for syncopated sequences or short bursts of voltage manipulation. The simplicity of the PHRSR is its strongest suit...there are no hidden functions or menus and no button combinations to memorize, making it extremely quick and rewarding to use. This module is a perfect companion for smaller systems, performance rigs, and anyone who needs an extra pair of hands for their modular system.

The PHRSR (phraser) is a two channel 1-16 step knob recorder / sequencer. Complex sequences with independent step lengths can be created quickly and intuitively. Great for modulation of anything in your synth. Channel A is on the left, B on the right. 

CLK: a rising edge on the CLK input    will increment the step. External clocking is realized through "hard-sync" of the internal clock. A pulse is output from the CLK output at each increment. 

DC: The value to be written into a sequence. 

REC: When pressed, the value of DC overwrites the current step's value. When STEPS is also pressed, the length of that sequence will reset to 1 and increment with each clock pulse until either STEPS or REC is released. 

Rate: Adjusts the internal clock rate.

*Note: -12V is unmarked on the power header on these modules (who would do such a thing?!) The red stripe on your power cable should go DOWN. -12V is DOWN.

technical specs 
  • Width: 6 HP
  • Power: 45mA @ +12V , 5mA @ -12V
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