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Mosaic 1U

Mono Reverb

Mono Reverb

Voltage Controlled Hi-Fi Digital Reverb

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Mono Reverb
Voltage Controlled Hi-Fi Digital Reverb
  • High Fidelity FDN Reverb Algorithm
  • Crisp 96kHz, 24bit audio
  • CV inputs for room material, size, and dry/wet mix
  • Infinite Tails Function for endless reverberation
  • Monophonic design, ideal for effects send
  • Fits Intellijel 1U format cases, alternative Pulp Logic replacement panels sold separately here

A truly versatile effect, the 1U Mono Reverb from Mosaic offers voltage control over all parameters – including material, size, and dry/wet mix – allowing you to create dynamic spaces both real and imagined within your modular ecosystem. The "material" control merits special attention, as it colors the reverb by affecting the absorption of echoes in the reverb model. This allows you to recreate the driest rooms or the most reflective caverns, while the time and mix controls allow you to dial in the right effect for pretty much any application.

The Mono Reverb is also a powerful sound design tool: its infinite tails function holds the reverb effect indefinitely, turning the module into an abstract physical modelling drone machine. With applications as vast as the spaces it can simulate, the Mono Reverb offers a powerful reverberation effect in a deceptively small form factor.

An intuitive tool for effects, mixing, or sound design, Mosaic Reverb is just as versatile as it is beautiful. Create tight rooms or infinite ethereal spaces with access to space material, reverb size, and blend controls. Place it in your effects send, or use it to shape new and interesting sounds with oscillators, samples, and more. Reverb carries big sound in a slim format.

Pulp Logic / Alternate Color Replacement Panels available here

technical specs
  • Panel Format: Intellijel
  • Height: 1U
  • Width: 14 HP
  • Depth: 28 mm (1.1 inches)
  • Power: 82mA @ +12V , 8mA @ -12V
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