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Happy Ending Kit

Happy Ending Kit

Complete 3U Eurorack Framework for Standard 19" Equipment Racks with Power

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Happy Ending Kit
Complete 3U Eurorack Framework for Standard 19" Equipment Racks with Power
  • A complete 3U drop-in Eurorack frame and power supply for your existing 19" rack
  • A set of 84HP Z-Rails and Z-Ears TableTop let you mount several Eurorack modules together
  • Included μZEUS power supply distributes +12-volt, -12-volt, and +5-volt power
  • 2 ribbon bus boards provide connections for up to 10 Eurorack modules
  • 1,000mA power adapter included

The Happy Ending Kit is an easy way to start a Eurorack modular system.

The Happy Ending Kit includes:
1 x Z-Rails 84HP set plus screws to attach to Z-Ears
1 x Z-Ears TableTop/Rackmount Set
1 x uZeus 4HP PSU with two flying bus boards
1 x 1000mA Universal power adapter (110-220VAC)

Turn Your Existing 19" Rack into a Eurorack Synth!

Ready to build your own custom Eurorack synth? The Tiptop Audio Happy Ending Kit is the perfect place to start. This kit comes complete with an 84HP Eurorack framework you can drop into any standard 19" rack with 3U or more of space to spare, plus it includes a power supply with connections for up to 10 modules. The framework includes a pair of 84HP Z-Rails and a pair of Z-Ears, which accommodate rackmounted and desktop setups. The slim micro / μZEUS power supply is only 4HP wide and includes a pair of ribbon bus boards, providing power to +12-volt, -12-volt, and +5-volt modules, plus it comes with a 1,000mA Universal Power Adapter to get you going. Just add Eurorack modules, and you're good to go!!

technical specs
  • Width: 84 HP within a 19" 3U rack enclosure
  • Materials: Aluminum with Anodized Finish
  • Max Module Depth: 95mm (3.75")
  • Exterior Height: 5.19"
  • Exterior Width: 18.9"
  • Exterior Depth: 101.6mm (4")
  • Power: 1000mA Universal (110-220VAC)
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