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8-Stage Phaser

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8-Stage Phaser
  • Full analog 8-stage phase shifter
  • Warm Vintage sound based on OTA chips
  • Can create phase AM sounds
  • Can be used with lower level signal inputs (i.e. fretted instruments)
  • Internal voltage controlled LFO with a triangle shape and a wide frequency range (about 1 min into the audio range)

Analog phaser effect for Eurorack, line and guitar level with built-in LFO

The Dreadbox Euphoria is an analog phaser effect with built-in LFO and is part of the Chromatic Modules Series. The two different audio inputs ensure that not only Eurorack levels, but also guitar/bass and line level harmonize with the module. Thanks to OTA chips, a warm vintage sound is guaranteed. The LFO ranges from cozy to audio. For feedback, manual shift and LFO rate there are separate CV inputs with attenuators, the LFO has its own CV output to be able to modulate other modules.

technical specs
  • Width: 10 HP
  • Depth: 35 mm
  • Power: 58mA@+12v , 52mA@ -12v
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