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Der Mann mit der Maschine

Droid Master

Droid Master

Universal Multi-Function CV Processor & Generator

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Droid Master
Universal Multi-Function CV Processor & Generator
  • Scriptable MultiFunction CV Processor & Generator Module
  • 16 jacks with -10/+10V range: 8 CV inputs, 8 CV outputs
  • Scripts stored & accessed via MicroSD Card, written in basic text editors on Windows, Mac, Linux, and more
  • Expandable with numerous controller options

The DROID master is the central module in your DROID setup. You can use it stand alone or with upto 16 various Droid Controllers, like the P2B8 Controllers and upto ONE G8 Expander attached.

Craft the ideal CV processor and generator for your Eurorack system with Droid Master, the centerpiece of a scriptable ecosystem by Der Mann mit der Maschine. Droid's brain is an SD card, upon which a basic text file is stored to define the module's function. The syntax is straightforward and unique to Droid, but offers powerful opportunities with deep exploration.

A large part of Droid's appeal is its vast expandability, through a number of different expanders and controllers that provide manual or voltage control capabilities. With whichever combination of controllers appeals to you, it's possible to design anything from complex LFOs and envelope generators to sequencers, quantizers, generative rhythm and melody generators, and so much more. The module sports eight CV inputs and eight CV outputs, with full working voltage ranges from -10V to +10V, ensuring that even your wildest ideas are possible.

Included In The Box:
  • MicroSD Card + MicroSD Card Reader for USB 2
  • Eurorack Ribbon cable for connecting to a compatible modular system with +/- 12V
  • Four 3mm mounting screws
technical specs
  • Width: 8 HP
  • Depth: 38 mm (1.49 inches)
  • Power: 154mA @ +12V , 15mA @ -12V
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