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Circadian Rhythms

Circadian Rhythms

Performance Sequencer

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Circadian Rhythms
Performance Sequencer
  • 8-channel sequencer module for Eurorack modular synthesizers with 8 Gate outputs
  • Up to 512 step sequences, with gates up to 64 steps long
  • Zoom to 24ppq resolution for ultra-detailed sequence editing
  • Improvise while performing with easy access to Mute, Loop, Swing, Fills, Randomize, and more
  • SyncBus technology for easy synchronization with SyncBus-enabled modules
  • USB connectivity for easy integration with your DAW
  • Powerful and creative sequencer for production and live performance

The Circadian Rhythms, is a professional performance gate sequencer in Eurorack format. Sitting at the center of your system the Circadian provides triggers and gates to all your drum modules and percussive sounds as well as clocking your other sequencers with exceptional timing accuracy. Each channel voice can be programmed directly from the intelligent, eight-channel, 512-step master gate sequencer designed for composers looking to make music on the modular and perform live. Building up from basic step programming, multi-channel patterns of musical phrases can be repeated, looped, chained, muted, and manipulated in real-time, and, most importantly, all through a simple, clearly labeled menu-free interface.

Led Grid

Built around 72 buttons set as a multi-color illuminated 8×9 array, Circadian Rhythms displays both note data and settings in a clear and precise manner. It takes only one click to switch to vertical view, turning the grid into a set of programming and real-time playing functions like Mutes, Loops, Swing, Fills, Copy and Paste, Grouping, Randomizing, and Manual drum-machine-style trigger entry. Activate any of those functions with only a button press or two.

Using an array of multi-color, illuminated buttons and innovative grid views provides a highly functional live performance sequencer with a beautiful, glowing appearance that will look amazing on stage for both performer and crowd. As a master controller, the heart of the modular synthesizer, the Circadian Rhythms generates high precision clock and reset signals for all the other sequencers and devices in the system and can also act as a high precision bridge for DAW synchronization.


Inside the CR ticks an extremely precise clock with jitter and latency measured in mere microseconds for the ultimate feel of the groove. The four modes of clock sync make interfacing with other modules, hardware, or software simple. Whether driving a large Eurorack system or synced to a DAW, the groove always remains tight.

Under the Hood

When state of the art chip technology, musically driven firmware, and professionally engineered hardware design all come together in one electronic device, the result is a music sequencer with unparalleled specifications. Starting with a powerful, precise sequencing engine that has superb feel for the groove, add internal functions that automatically balance performance and smooth user interface operation, and finish with outstanding low power consumption placing minimal stress on power supplies even at maximum output, Circadian Rhythms has a design focused on the requirements of the most dedicated musicians and composers. Long-time pros will immediately feel a machine made for their needs, while newcomers can instantly dive into next-level programming and performance.

SyncBus Technology

The Tiptop-Audio-designed SyncBus enables the CR to connect to any number of other SyncBus devices with the highest possible level of synchronization. A SyncBus master directly injects its core clock and running status into every connected unit so they work seamlessly as one device. Hook up two CRs to make a 16 channel device or add a Trigger Riot (or three) to the mix for further experimentation. Plus, the connection is done behind the panel so there is no need to patch anything together.

technical specs
  • Width: 36 HP
  • Depth: 29.4 mm (1.16 inches)
  • Power: 160mA @ +12V , 0mA @ -12V , 0mA @ +5v
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