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B32 - Droid Controller

B32 - Droid Controller

Buttons x32 Droid Expansion Controller

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B32 - Droid Controller
Buttons x32 Droid Expansion Controller
  • Button Controller for Droid Master
  • 32 buttons
  • White LED lighting
  • Up to 16 controllers of various types may be attached to one Droid Master

If you need a ton of buttons for your Droid Master, the B32 Controller is just the thing you need. It has 32 buttons with white LED backlighting, giving you the perfect canvas for designing trigger sequencers or a number of other useful applications.

The B32 controller has 32 buttons as you can never have too many buttons. The layout is easy to use for larger trigger sequencer (especially with a few of them), control multiple select inputs from the minifonion or convenient control of multiple values.

You can connect up to 16 controllers to each DROID master.

Included In The Box:
  • Short Ribbon Cable for connecting the B32 to the Droid Master
  • Longer Ribbon Cables can be purchased here
technical specs
  • Width: 10 HP
  • Depth: 38 mm (1.49 inches)
  • Power: 24mA @ +12V , 0mA @ -12V
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