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Karplus-Strong Strings

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***Product Discontinued***
Karplus-Strong Strings
  • Full Karplus-Strong Synthesis Voice
  • Analog circuit based on a 512stages BBD chip
  • On board Noise Generator with a variable decay (pluck)
  • Two Analog Low Pass Filters (one in the input and one in the output)
  • Output Filter can be used as a Low Pass Gate
  • Precision tracking over 5 octaves (from C0 up to B4)
  • Can process external audio signals so that can be used as:
    Flanger (requires external LFO)
    Chorus (requires external LFO)
  • Frequency/delay time range:
    C0 @16,35hZ (61ms) up to
    B4 @493,9hZ (2,1ms)
  • BBD quirks:
    C0 to F#0 will produce a hight pitched noise
    Depending on the external input and the LFO source, clicks and peaks might be audible

Karplus Strong Oscillator/Effect

a combination of Karplus-Strong oscillator and short delay effect.

With AntidoteDreadbox skillfully takes up the rare topic of Karplus-Strong synthesis and makes it easy to use with manageable parameters, and part of the Chromatic Modules Series. The heart of the module is the 512 Stages BBD chip. The short delay times are made playable with a lot of feedback, mutating into an oscillator with a metallic character. The delay circuit is excited by an internal tunable noise generator with variable decay envelope. Thanks to the external input, Antidote can also be used as an effects module. The bandwidth ranges from chorus and flanger variations to a comb filter effect.

technical specs
  • Width: 10 HP
  • Depth: 35 mm
  • Power: 92mA@+12v , 43mA@ -12v
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